Meradog Puppy Marrow Snackie Biscuits

Meradog Puppy Marrow Snackie Biscuits

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SNACKY MIX, 1CM - 200g

Proper, varied rewards for dogs.

Mera provides an extensive range of dog biscuits, so that a reward is always something different. A properly baked treat from Meradog goes hand-in-hand with balanced nutrition for your dog.

Dog Biscuits Meradog Snacky Mix, 1cm.
Poultry meal (19%), Flaxseeds (1%), Brewer's yeast (0.5%), Sunflower oil (0.2%).
Vitamin D3 (500 IE/kg), Vitamin E (50 mg/kg), Vitamin A (5.000 IE/kg), Grain, Vegetable by-products, Minerals, Sugar, Oils, Meat, Animal by-products, Fish, Fish derivatives.
Crude protein 15.5%
Crude fat 8%
Crude ash 5.5%
Crude fibre 2%

Disclaimer:  Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding and always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.  Some dog treats may stain some surfaces.