Naked Dog Pure Wild Boar - 2 x 500g Tubs

Naked Dog Pure Wild Boar - 2 x 500g Tubs

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Raw Wild Boar complete meal for dogs with high meat content.  2 x 500g tubswild .  Working Dog Food.

First rule of Naked Dog: We don't mess around with the ingredients. We use only the finest raw ingredients in all of our products, so each and every meal is not only enjoyed but has all the benefits of a balanced and nutritious, natural healthy diet. If an ingredient is in one of our meals, it's because it should be. And if it's not, it's because it shouldn't be. And we won't make any concessions.

Each and every Naked Dog meal is focused on what's right for the wonderful dogs of this world, giving them exactly what they need. There's nothing to hide in any of our meals, that's why we're Naked!

Wild Boar (with bone), Boar Heart, Boar Liver, Boar Kidney.

Moisture 65.4%, Protein 18.1%, Fat 11.3%, Ash 5.4%, Fibre 0.8%

Wild boar meat differs from farm reared pork.  Wild Boar live on a diverse diet which can include nuts, acorns, seeds, roots and fruit...along with proteins like deer, quail, squirrels and small reptiles. This gives Wild Boar a much higher level of nutrition than farm reared pigs.

Wild Boar are lean and low in cholesterol, whilst being high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals including zinc, iron, niacine, selenium, thiamine and Vitamin B6 which help support everything from heart health and the immune system to cognitive function and a healthy metabolism.

Additionally since they're feral, wild boar freely roam and run, giving them a totally different muscle and fat composition as compared to farm raised pigs. 

Disclaimer:  Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding and always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.