Ostrich Kebabs

Ostrich Kebabs

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100% Ostrich meat, skewered onto an ostrich tendon.  Ostrich tendons and ostrich meat make an excellent natural option for a long lasting chew.  They will help clean your dog’s teeth and provide plenty of entertainment.

They are also packed full of nutrients and are an excellent choice for dogs with allergies because they are a novel protein

  • High lean protein, very LOW fat and low in cholesterol
  • Rich in calcium and iron
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Novel protein
  • No additives, preservatives, grain free & gluten free
  • Responsibly sourced from the leading Ostrich manufacturers in South Africa
  • Low odour & non greasy
  • Air dried to maintain natural goodness

Analytical Constituents: Protein 98.93% Fat 0.46% Ash 0.61%

Disclaimer:  Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding and always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.  Some dog treats may stain some surfaces.