Getting started with a raw diet.

So, you've decided to give your dog all the benefits of a raw diet. Here are a few simple guidelines to get started. Over time you will learn what works best for your dog and can adjust meals to suit perfectly.

You will find some links below that will take you to the product page for each part of your dogs diet. The links will open in a new window.


1. Dogs need Calcium. The best way to give your dog all the calcium needed is in the form of bones, infact around 10% of your dogs complete diet should be bones.

You can choose the size and type that you think your dog will enjoy the most, you can find all our bone products HERE and we currently stock;

  • Chicken wings.
  • Chicken necks.
  • Chicken feet.
  • Duck necks.
  • Duck wings.
  • Duck feet.
  • Lamb ribs.
  • Marrow bones.
  • Turkey necks.
  • Goose legs.


2. Offal. Offal or organs are another essential part of your dogs raw fed diet, these give most of the minerals and vitamins that a healthy dog needs and should also make up around 10% of your dogs complete diet. You should also try to feed a good selection of different types of offal and you can find it all HERE.

  • Kidney chunks.
  • Liver chunks.


3. The biggest portion of your dogs diet is meat. There is a huge selection of meat and each has its own benefits that we will have a look at in future posts. This protein will make up around 80% of your dogs raw diet so its a good job we have a huge selection to choose from HERE.

  • Chicken.
  • Turkey.
  • Duck.
  • Beef.
  • Tripe.
  • Salmon.
  • Veal.
  • Lamb.
  • Oily fish.


4. Fruit and Veg. This isnt needed in a raw food diet but it is helpful. There are nutrients in fruit and veg that are beneficial to dogs such as Carotenoids to help protect against disease and aging. Chlorphyll for detoxifying the digestive system. Lutein is good for the eyes, heart and skin. That is just a few of the benefts that are unique to fruit and veg, we sell frozen fruit and veg cubes HERE.

 Our premium meals also include fruit and veg, you can find those HERE.

5. A Grain free diet. Grains are one thing that dogs do not need, they are used in dry foods as a cheap way to boost calories but offer very little, if any benefit to your dog. The odd treat that contains any grain won't hurt, unless of course your dog has allergies to grains. If youd prefer to not feed any grain at all, we have a huge selection of natural treats HERE and none of our raw food contains grain.


6. Balance. Keep the diet balanced over time. Try to stick to the 80:10:10 ratio over the course of a week or two so your dog is still getting all the benefits of his or her new raw diet. You dont have to balance every single meal. If you let them eat too much bone today just balance it out by feeding less bone with more meat and offal tommorow.

Over time this will make a healthy, balanced diet.

To make things easier and quicker, we sell a large range of complete and balanced meals ready to feed which can be found HERE. With these complete meals there is no need to feed anything extra unless you want to add fruit and veg or give bones as treats (balanced with other meals).

Complete meals with fruit and veg already included are HERE.


That is all, a simple guide to get started on a raw feed diet which your dog will love!

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