Raw Feeding Puppies

Raw fed dog on wall


Puppies, What a good time to begin raw feeding!

If you are about to have a new puppy in your home this little guide could help you get started. There will be plenty of training, house training, cleaning and teething ahead so getting the feeding right should be made easy.


As with dogs of all ages, there needs to be a good balance in the diet, you also have to make sure your new dog is eating the right amount, our Raw Feeding Calculator can help you with this.



High quality proteins are needed to help your puppy grow, all of our meats are suitable for puppies and variety is the key. It is a good idea to start with chicken or turkey for a few days before introducing the next choice of protein. This way you will find out if your dog has any allergies or intolerences to any kind of meat.



You will not have to add any additional fats to your puppies raw diet as our minces and completes contain enough on there own. Around 10% of fat is needed in any dogs diet as some of the essential fatty acids given from a raw diet cannot be produced by your puppies body. Fat also helps with a healthy skin and coat.



Dogs need fresh, clean drinking water accessible all the time. Dogs also need water from the food they eat. Raw food is naturally high in moisture. This helps eliminate waste from the body, regulate body temperature and get all the natural vitamins and minerals just where they need to be within your puppies body.



Puppies love bones, and bones are good for your puppy. Never feed cooked or dried out bones to your puppy as they can splinter and cause damage to the digestive system.

Fresh, raw bones are perfect. You can start with softer bones such as chicken feet or duck necks from here and always choose a bone that is a good size for your puppy. Make sure there is always fresh drinking water and never leave your puppy unattended with bones.

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