Beef - Cow Ear with Hair - Dried

Beef - Cow Ear with Hair - Dried

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Cow Ear with Hair  - 100% Beef.

An easily digestible, longer-lasting single beef chew with added hair to help aid de-worming.

An alternative to pigs’ ears,  Lower in fat, low in odour and non-greasy.

Packed with protein and a very low fat content, cow ears are the ideal light,  healthy treat for dogs with a tendency to chew.  Suited more towards medium to large-sized dogs due to the size of each ear, although some small dogs enjoy them too.

Excellent for cleaning teeth and promoting healthy gums due to intensive chewing, whilst at the same time, the cartilage provides valuable calcium towards your dog's diet.

100% Natural Beef Ear
Protein 81.00%
Fat 3.80%
Ash 5.00%
Moisture  10.20%

Disclaimer:  Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding and always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.   Some treat can stain some surfaces.