Johnsons Velvet Coat Conditioning Spray

Johnsons Velvet Coat Conditioning Spray

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Johnsons Velvet Coat Conditioning Sprat is an easy to use, effective trigger spray treatment for dogs.  It is designed to gently condition your pets coat, making it suitable for regular use.

Johnsons Velvet Coat Conditioning Spray is suitable for all breeds and coat types.  It is a non-oily solution that replenishes the natural oils in your dog’s coat, leaving a glossy sheen and velvet finish.  Used regularly, your dog will look his best at all times.

It also helps to prevent matting of the coat, leaving it clean, conditioned and easy to manage.  It leaves a light, fresh and pleasant fragrance.

  • Lightly fragranced 
  • Easy to use trigger spray
  • Suitable for regular use on all coat types
  • Replenishes natural oils, leaving a soft, velvet feel and glossy sheen
  • Helps prevent matting 
  • Effectively conditions the coat
  • Non-oily 

Contents: 150ml.