Offal - Rabbit Kidneys with Fat.  Raw.   1kg (approx)

Offal - Rabbit Kidneys with Fat. Raw. 1kg (approx)

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100% Rabbit kidneys.  Rabbit kidneys are naturally encapsulated by a layer of fat. Therefore, this product contains both the kidneys and some fat.  Approx 1kg. 

Rabbit is low in cholesterol and saturated fats than almost every other protein.  It is rich In Vitamin B1 and the organ meat especially, is rich in Vitamin B12. This is the main vitamin required for a healthy nervous system, normal cell growth and maintenance of high energy levels.

Rabbit is considered to be a novel source and therefore hypoallergenic. This means it's great for your pup's immune system and perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those suffering from allergies.

A dog's diet should consist of 10% offal from a secreting organ, of which 5% should be liver.  Kidney is ideal for the second 5%

29% moisture, 3% protein, 62% fats, 0% fiber, 1% ash, 0,00% calcium, 0,10% phosphorus, Ca:P: 0,0, Energy: 567 kcal/100 gr.

Feed as part of a nutritionally balanced diet.  For working dogs.

Disclaimer:  Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding and always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog.