Raw Treat Wild Boar Complete 80/10/10

Raw Treat Wild Boar Complete 80/10/10

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80% Wild boar muscle meat with 10% bone and 10% offal.  Approx 500g packets.  Contains pieces of bone. 

Wild boar meat differs from farm reared pork.  Wild Boar live on a diverse diet which can include nuts, acorns, seeds, roots and fruit...along with proteins like deer, quail, squirrels and small reptiles. This gives Wild Boar a much higher level of nutrition than farm reared pigs.

Wild Boar are lean and low in cholesterol, whilst being high in protein and packed with vitamins and minerals including zinc, iron, niacine, selenium, thiamine and Vitamin B6 which help support everything from heart health and the immune system to cognitive function and a healthy metabolism.

Additionally since they're feral, wild boar freely roam and run, giving them a totally different muscle and fat composition as compared to farm raised pigs. 


Supplied in leak proof packets.

 For working dogs.  A complete, nutritionally balanced meal (when fed with at least 5 different proteins over time).

Disclaimer:  Dogs should be supervised at all times whilst feeding and always provide plenty of fresh water for your dog. 

Typical Analysis in % Protein 12.9; Oil a 17.2; Crude fibre 0.2; Crude ash 0.6; Moisture content 68.9; Oil b 17.37.